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Advice, consultancy, documentation

and management of Drones operators. 

We put at your disposal a team of professionals experts in aeronautical legislation who will be able to advise you and work with your company to define these projects, taking charge of each step that the company must follow.


Together , we carry out risk analysis, safety studies, feasibility, definition of necessary positions, training of pilots and crews, definition of aircraft to operate with, manufacture and / or selection of them, and a long etc, which will guarantee plan and operational procedures for any inspection project .


Our experience in the implementation of drone departments in companies, registration of operators, pilot training and everything that has to do with our profession, guarantees that you can trust us to operate safely.

Industrial and interior

We preventively inspect facilities and infrastructures, increasing existing security levels and offering solutions that guarantee cost savings.

Airport inspection

We provide solutions with drones that evaluate ground navigation aids and provide reports to airport maintenance technicians.

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